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So you’re thinking of immigrating to a new country or continent?

It can be a complex process, but at STARZMANN CONSULTING you are in the best of hands. Whether you are relocating for business, adventure or love, we have over two decades of expertise in South African immigration consulting, and we are fully bilingual in English and German.

Most importantly, we offer a personal touch with individualised immigration and visa services. Chat to us and get advice any time – no question is too big or small. We have helped thousands of people like you to relocate successfully, and we look forward to assisting you on this exciting journey.

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STARZMANN CONSULTING is a professional immigration consultancy that offers fluent English and German immigration services in South Africa.

Founded in 2008 by Katrin Starzmann, the company is led by qualified lawyers and immigration experts with over two decades of experience in the industry.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and are committed to the highest ethical principles.



Immigrating can be intimidating. So many forms, so much admin and so many questions.
STARZMANN CONSULTING is here to help. With our knowledge and expertise, we will carefully assess your individual situation.
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We can assist you with:

1: Applying for the correct visa and permit
2: Guiding you in providing the relevant documentation
3: Liaising with all government and third parties
4: Collecting your visa or permit, if possible
5: Helping you with all inbound visa and permit-related matters

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We can assist you with:

1: Consulting and training human resources departments
2: Working on an immigration strategy for human resources departments
3: Providing a full service to outsource the entire employee immigration process
4: Guiding corporate visa applications
5: Aligning company strategy with immigration legislation
6: Developing immigration standards and policies

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It is a challenge to move countries and to start all over again. STARZMANN CONSULTING made this very critical task much easier for me, supporting me throughout, answering all my questions and making sure the process ran as smoothly as it possibly could. I found in Starzmann the reliability that I needed to feel safe moving to South Africa. I am very thankful for what this company has done for me.

Dave Buck

I relocated to Cape Town two years ago, and STARZMANN CONSULTING were instrumental with regards to my visa processing. Two key exceptional people were Brandon and Kamil. I don’t know how they did it, but their level of organisation and service was just top notch. They provided a service and experience that still lingers in my memory today. Awesome team.

Olajide Enigbokan

STARZMANN CONSULTING assisted me with several different visa applications and offered a perfect service from start to end. All I had to do was to provide my documents and sign the application. They always kept me informed about the progress. I couldn’t imagine a better service than that provided by Starzmann.

Sebastian Slowi

My experience with STARZMANN CONSULTING has been nothing short of awesome. They are very good at what they do and highly professional. I highly recommend them for all your South African visa processing needs. Good job guys!

Oluwaseyi Bello

Being helped by STARZMANN CONSULTING was a pleasure. Their work is super professional: they always provided the right information, replying right away and helping me throughout the process of getting my visa successfully. I strongly recommend their services.

Gabriela Vignoli Garrido

My employer applied for a critical skills visa in 2017. The communication with the Starzmann team was always easy, and Brandon assisted me with every question that I had. The whole process went really smoothly and it made my move to Cape Town so much easier. I didn't have any issues with my visa application and I would recommend Starzmann to anyone who is planning to apply for a work permit in South Africa.

Daniela Repkowsky

Working with Starzmann Consulting on my visa application was a great experience. They knew what they were doing, provided the correct answers in a timely manner, and were always available to present alternatives to the challenges I faced. I always felt that I was in total control of the process, and I had the confidence that I needed to move forward at every stage.

Daniel Pinink Silva

I have worked with STARZMANN CONSULTING twice, and they made the process very simple and were able to manage the tight deadlines. I am happy with the experience I had with them and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Mohamed Farrag

STARZMANN CONSULTING have guided me through the very long and challenging process of obtaining my visa. Their relentless support and ultra-professional approach, coupled with attention to detail, ensured I got my long-term work visa eventually. The same support is being given to my spouse. They take care of the business and allow you to keep living your life. Thank you very much for a job well done.

Edward Kiragu

After I signed my contract to work in South Africa, STARZMANN CONSULTING contacted me immediately. They helped me at every single step and made it as easy as possible for me to get all my documents in order for the perfect application. The communication was always very transparent and clear. I can highly recommend the service!

Nadia Sophie Maus

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