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Immigrating can be intimidating. So many forms, so much admin and so many questions.

To compound this, South African immigration law changes regularly to meet international and economic criteria.

STARZMANN CONSULTING is here to help. We’ll break down the process into simple steps for you.
We’ll guide you throughout on what to do and when. Firstly, we need to determine the correct residence visa or permit for you and your family members.

With our knowledge and expertise, we will carefully assess your individual situation. Once we have chosen which visa or permit is right for you, we will assist you with the necessary paperwork to complete your application. Throughout the process, we will be dealing with the Department of Home Affairs and other authorities on your behalf.

We also offer services to foreigners who are already here in South Africa who may need assistance in changing or extending their residence or work visas.
We can also help with resolving any issues relating to pending applications or with applying for a permanent residence permit.

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It all starts with a professional assessment of your situation so we can determine which visa is most suitable for you.

From evaluating and compiling the relevant documentation and liaising with government and third parties to process your application efficiently, to collecting your visa or permit for you once successful, we will guide you through the entire application process.

We will also stay in touch continually to establish realistic timelines.


If you’re representing a corporate, we can help you with applications for suitable work visas for individual employees. We can also assist with corporate visas for businesses, where relevant, that will allow you to employ foreigners in South Africa.

Whether you are based here and planning to employ foreigners, or are overseas and thinking of sending employees to South Africa, we provide a full service for the entire employee immigration process, including visa requirements for accompanying family members. We will also work with your human resources team and management to develop immigration standards and policies.

Thanks to excellent relationships with all relevant official institutions, we are able to offer very efficient service with short turn-around times. Our dedicated and experienced key account managers will personally take care of all your requirements.

We can assist you with:

  • 1: Applying for the correct visa and permit
  • 2: Guiding you in providing the relevant documentation
  • 3: Liaising with all government and third parties
  • 4: Collecting your visa or permit, if possible
  • 5: Helping you with all inbound visa and permit-related matters


We can assist you with:

  • 1. Consulting and training human resources departments
  • 2. Working on an immigration strategy for human resources departments
  • 3. Providing a full service to outsource the entire employee immigration process 
  • 4. Guiding corporate visa applications
  • 5. Aligning company strategy with immigration legislation
  • 6. Developing immigration standards and policies


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